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Sanjivini’s beginnings can be traced back to an event that took place in London.


A pastor based there, Reverend Chad Varah, was called upon to perform the last rites of a 14 year old girl. He made a startling discovery – she had committed suicide after starting her periods, thinking she had contracted a shameful disease. Taking her own life was the only way out for her.

This so moved the Reverend Chad Varah that he realized there must be more people like her - people in pain, wanting to be heard, wanting to not feel so alone.


So with a small advertisement in the newspaper, he invited people in his parish to come and talk to him. Many people responded and to help out, many parishioners volunteered. The presence of these volunteers, their patient ear and friendship, helped so many people waiting, that the lines in Reverend's office grew shorter. Thus began a worldwide network of the Samaritans.

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A group of students in Delhi were greatly inspired by Chad’s work and felt that a centre following the same principles should be established in Delhi. Their enthusiasm and dedication built the Sanjivini we know and love today.

Disclaimer: AGE LIMIT! Sanjivini Society for Mental Health provides counselling services to anyone aged 18 years and above.



is at the heart

of what we do

We are a team of trained counselors volunteering to make affordable mental health services accessible to all, through counseling, community outreach and other supportive services.


Our work is made possible by the grants received from our long term partners.

We are thankful for their continued support.

Intrade Private Limited

Kotak Mahindra Asset Management Co. Ltd.

ICICI Foundation



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