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Basic Counselling Skills Workshop' 2022

We are excited to announce that we have resumed  our signature Basic Counselling Skills  (BCS) workshop in our Qutub Centre, New Delhi, from September 12 -  September 29 .


The modules are systematically designed to facilitate self growth and to help participants gain a better insight into themselves. In addition to this, the program also equips attendees with the basic helping skills that can be used to enhance the quality of assistance they provide to others.


community outreach

At Sanjivini, we try to reach beyond the people that come to us for help. Tying back to our larger goal of creating a society that is more aware and sensitive towards the mental and emotional health of its people, we conduct community outreach programs.


Our outreach programs usually consist of interactive workshops, talks and seminars that we conduct for various communities including schools, colleges, slums, social organizations and corporations.

Based on the requirements of the community, we create tailor-made modules which shed light on various topics related to mental health, such as:

Perception & Communication

Anger & Stress


Mental Health &

Suicide Prevention


Gender Sensitisation



Corporates that CAre

Office can become a stressful environment for many employees who are juggling work-life commitments and the pressures of the job. Many companies have reached out to us to conduct workshops for their employees. "The session was very impactful and informative and triggered my thought process in a totally new way “– Spice Jet Employee, after Anger and Stress workshop."

Our Clients: SpiceJet, Walmart, Indian Airlines, Hero Honda, BHEL, PNB Housing Finance Limited.

Institutes that CAre

Children are dealing with not just academic pressure but an increasingly complex world. There is a need to equip our teachers to be more aware and sensitive to the needs of our students. Many schools have partnered with us to conduct workshops for their teachers


“The workshop helped me understand how to become aware of signs of disturbed emotional health of a child and be more compassionate and sensitive”

– Teacher, Lalit Mahajan School

Our Clients: Vasant Valley, Venkateshwara College, Gargi College, Sikkim University, Mata Bhagwanti Chadha charitable school for disabled children.

Organizations that CAre

Those who serve our communities also need support and care. Sanjivini is increasingly reaching out to more and more communities to spread awareness about mental health


"This workshop helped me get informed about signs of a suicidal person, how to deal with it and break many myths about it.”

– Delhi Police, Suicide Prevention Workshop


Our Clients: Aastha Foundation, TARSHI NGO, Aman Biradari, Jodogyan, Slum Shine Cluster, CAN support, IHBAS, Delhi Police, RWA’s

Care for your community and want Sanjivini to conduct a workshop or a talk?

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