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Volunteers are the backbone of Sanjivni Society for Mental Health.

While our main role is to attend to people who come to us in emotional distress, as a volunteer body we are also responsible for furthering the growth of Sanjivni’s cause as well as the wellbeing of the people who work here.


Which is why along with our counseling duties, we are also actively involved in taking up projects that help Sanjivini grow. Whatever your skill or interest, be it curating books for the library, writing thought-provoking articles for our blog and newsletter or raising funds - name it and we have a super enthusiastic team that’s leading it. 


We are committed to our own learning and development, which is why we are a comprehensive training program for our new volunteer counselors, a supervisory system in place for support and guidance as well as various internal learning programs throughout the year to help us constantly grow. 


And more importantly, we take out time to have fun!


“During my time at Sanjivini I learnt to accept… Change is constant… Feeling hurt, rejected and angry is part of life. The speed with which I get equilibrium back is the important and challenging part.”


“I am grateful to ‘S’ for giving me this wonderful chance to find myself, like myself, and give myself - all with love and deep gratitude.


Bringing me out of my comfort zone and allowing me to deal with those situations, thereby empowering me. Putting me on the path to finding MYSELF.”


“All my life, I’ve been trying to win approval from the important people in my life, wondering why I was not worthy of their love and appreciation. It never once struck me, how I was completely rejecting myself in the process… In many ways, this was reflected back to me through various avenues at Sanjivini, but the real breakthrough happened in my sessions with my supervisor.”

We are always on the lookout for committed individuals who want to do their bit for society and believe that mental health is an internal part of the wellbeing of people. Our volunteer intake program starts every year around November. It is mandatory to attend any one of the four orientations programs during the months of November and December. You can register for it now by calling us or mailing us.

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