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Therapy Session

Counselling Services

Counselling is the opportunity to discuss your thoughts and feelings about any issue you may be facing in your everyday life. You can speak with a competent, trained counselor in Sanjivini where you are assured of confidentiality| In this safe environment, you can explore, gain clarity on and make positives changes to improve your well-being, over a period of time If you need additional help, your counsellor at Sanjivini will also help you find the right psychiatrists, lawyers,

de-addiction centres, old age homes, etc. 

Counselling services in Sanjivini are free of charge.

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How to arrange the Appointment?

The first appointment can be set up by calling the Sanjivini center where you would like to book the appointment.

Who will you meet?

You will be meeting a trained Sanjivini Counselor.

How long will the appointment be for?

It will be an hour long.

Who will be going in for the appointment?

The session will be one-on-one between the person for whom the appointment is and the counselor.

What will happen in the appointment?

At the appointed hour , you will meet or speak with your counselor at the centre choices and you can freely share your problems and concerns.

The session will be free of charge and confidential. You can then decide with your counselor on the next steps to address your concern.

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